about me

Archie The Famous Therapy Dog


My name is Archibald RazzMaTazz but my friends call me Archie. I'm a Newfoundland dog and am part of a huge family who loves me. My family lives at Casa Pacifica in Camarillo, CA and includes A LOT of kids who I love so much! My mission is to provide warm hugs, sloppy kisses, a listening ear, and to be a gentle presence when children are in need.

Where I Live


I live with my friend Vicki and everyday I ride to Casa Pacifica with her. When I arrive to work I put on my name badge and bib. Everyday at work is different. Sometimes I go to meetings and sometimes I'm in the classroom. As the 'family dog,' the children love to play catch, chase, swim, keep-away, and tug-of-war with me!


What I Do


Everyday I get to do my favorite thing... be with the kids! I have a really important job - I am in charge of helping my kids feel better. The students at Casa Pacifica are great. We play on the playground, they read books to me and take good care of me!