Stepping Stone Houses

The CITY Program offers three levels of housing assistance for emerging foster youth in Ventura County with the intention that a stable housing situation will allow them to concentrate their energies in other areas that will ensure their future independence and self-sufficiency – namely on gaining a college or trade school education which in turn will ultimately help them secure a financially secure job. While the rents are subsidized by Casa Pacifica, all housing assistance participants are expected to contribute to their rent each month.


Stepping Stone Transitional Housing - The Stepping Stone housing option offers space in onsite houses at Casa Pacifica and is designed specifically for newly emancipated youth (18 years to 21 years, including single mothers) who are not yet ready to live on their own but need further development of their independent living skills. Though the participants are living independently, a house parent is always present for guidance, mentoring, instruction, and help. Not only are independent living skills further developed, but the youth are encouraged to and assisted with continuing their education and/or gaining employment. Participants perform basic household chores as their 'rent' contribution at this housing level.


My co-workers Tess and Baker were specifically brought to Casa Pacifica to be the house therapy dogs for the Stepping Stone homes. With a beautiful big yard, and wonderful youth to grow up with Tess and Baker have been thoroughly enjoying their new positions!